Cash Rate remain at 75 basis points

Cash rate remains unchanged at 0.75%, strong auction clearance rate reported, new mega build-to-rent project at South Yarra, Ashurst to move into Dexus 80 Collin Street Building.

Australian Borders to Shut

Countries declaring temporary travel restrictions from China, the listing of Melbourne’s iconic World Trade Centre and fund managers tapping into the LIT market for capital raisings.

Neobanks in Australia

Latest in neobanks in Australia, open Banking Regime in July 2020 and the new cladding rectification levy in Victoria.

How to pass your CA/ CFA® Program?

Studying while working fulltime can be extremely stressful. As such, it is critical to maintain a balanced approach despite a hectic schedule! Make time for friends and family and spare some time doing something that makes you happy.

Latest in CES 2020

As CES 2020 comes to a close, we provide a brief overview of the key themes of the conference.

How to get a job in the big 4 accounting firms?

Start networking in the first year of university (the earlier you start, the more practice you get!). By connecting with others, you can exchange ideas and gain career advice from experienced peers.

What is the CA/ CFA® Program?

Both hold the CA and CFA® Program highest credentials in the accounting and finance profession. I found them to be complementary

Finovate Asia

Finovate Asia 2018 kicked off with a welcome address from Mr. Bernard Chan Pak Li, acting Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. Mr. Chan welcomed an exciting new era of financial innovation and highlights Hong Kong’s unique position in playing a role due to its fair and transparent regulatory regime …