What is the CA/ CFA® Program?

Photo credit: Investopedia.com

Chartered Accountant Program

The Chartered Accountant curriculum focuses on developing competencies in auditing, tax, management accounting and applied finance, as well as financial reporting.

Obtaining your Chartered Accountant designation is a requirement to progress in most of the professional accounting firms as well as a minimum requirement to secure a job in the industry as a qualified accountant.

Many CA work as a tax consultant, management accountant, business analyst and progress to C-suite positions.

The CA program an open book exam. The program has three semesters throughout the year and candidates are required to attend workshops organised by the Institute.

CFA® Program

The CFA® Program curriculum encourages candidates to be an ethical and effective investment management professionals. It focuses on investment tools, application of asset valuation techniques, and evaluation of portfolio management strategies.

The CFA® Program is a global examination. As such, all candidates around the world take the same rigorous exam and the qualification is recognised internationally.

Most graduates pursue a career in investment analysis and portfolio management, progressing into C-suite positions as CIOs or CEOs.

The average study hour is 300 hours per exam. From my experience, it is possible to pass the exams by devoting less hours than that, whilst some candidates study more than the 300 hours.T

The CFA® Program is a closed book exam, with 100% of the marks allocated to the final exam typically held once a year in June.

Both hold the highest credentials in the accounting and finance profession. I found them to be complementary.

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