The pathways to commencing your CA Program

Photo credit: NYU

To commence the CA Program, you will need to meet the minimum academic requirements as outlined by the Institute.

The Institute outlined several academic entry pathways to the program:

  • Accredited degree entry
  • Degree not accredited
  • Overseas qualifications entry
  • Accredited tertiary courses

The most straightforward pathway to starting your CA Program is through completing a CA accredited degree. The CA website lists the accredited degrees available and you should complete the subjects listed by CA to demonstrate competencies in each identified competency area.

Speaking to a course advisor during your first year of study can also help in ensuring that you include all mandatory subjects in your study plan.

If you do not meet the pre-requisite study requirements, you can complete further studies to close the gap. This can be done through the CA Foundation Course or an accredited conversion course.

Please note that before enrolling in any CA modules, you will need to be admitted as a provisional member. Processing times can take up to 20 business days (or more during peak periods). It would be a good idea to submit your application in advance of term commencement to ensure successful subject enrolment.

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