How to pass your CA/ CFA® Program?

Photo credit: Good-E-Learn

Organise a study plan

  • The program materials can be overwhelming and a study plan can assist in tackling them in an organise manner. A study plan can also assist in tracking your study progress and track if you are falling behind on any topic areas.
  • Be realistic when creating your plan and stick to the plan! There are no short cuts in covering the materials!

Complete practice questions and the work examples provided by the Institute

  • Practice practice practice. Many candidates have expressed a common reason to failing the exams is due to the lack of practice. Only reading the materials is not enough as you need to know how to apply the theories and concepts.

Maintain mental wellness

  • Studying while working fulltime can be extremely stressful. As such, it is critical to maintain a balanced approach despite a hectic schedule! Make time for friends and family and spare some time doing something that makes you happy.
  • I found exercising a great way to reduce stress and improve concentration.
  • Both the CA and CFA® Program are a marathon not a sprint.  Keeping mentally and physically fit is key to completing the program.

Find a support network

  • Studying can be a lonely process. Having a support network helps motivate and encourage you through the journey.

Gain support from your employer

  • Most employers are supportive of further studies. As an example, the big 4 accounting firms typically provide study and exam leave for you to prepare for the exam.

Find your best time of studying

  • Everyone works best in different parts of the day. Find when YOUR time is – where you are the freshest and work most efficiently. For some, it may be early in the morning or late at night for others.
  • Block out that time as your study time. Being able to devote 100% of yourself does wonder to study efficiency!

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